Expertise & Services

  • Documentary Development & Production
  • Television Series Development & Production
  • Feature Film Development & Production 
  • Field & Line Producer Services
  • Crewing Services 
  • Director Services 
  • Editing Services 
  • Marketing & Promotional Materials Production
  • Branding & Corporate Videos
  • Television Advertising 
  • Webisode & New Media Production
  • 2D and 3D Animation Production

             Cranky Goat Entertainment

                              What are YOU Looking at? 

If you are the kind of person who taps out on the mat of life every time the going gets tough, then being a producer is probably not a good career choice. The Production Gods will insist on placing a myriad of obstacles between you and the successful delivery of your project. Everytime you turn around, there will seem to be another problem. Another challenge. Another broken promise. Another no-show. You can’t just give up and go home. You have a whole production army ( and probably clients) depending on you – so you better get good at rolling up your sleeves, spitting on your hands, and figuring out the solution to the next challenge on your list.

Christopher Richardson

Executive Cranky Goat

Our Cranky Mascots
Bella and Nessie might not be goats. But they're part of the team. Always there during planning meetings, all night editing sessions and wrap party BBQ's. 

mission & vision

We like to say we are trying to change the world; one story at a time.  

Fully Outfitted Sony FS7 Package
We shoot with the Sony FS7 - providing excellent format flexibility and a fabulous image. Our FS7 sports Zacuto Recoil accessories for great ergonomics, 18-105 mm and 28-135 mm lens, a Sony hot-shoe adapter enabling four audio channels inputs, and two Sennheiser AVX wireless microphones. 

The Extras for the Job
We have multiple GoPros to get those "wow" shots to tell the story. We also have a fully outfitted DJI OSMO gimbal/steadycam rig for shooting in tight spots and smoothing out the roughest rides. The OSMO works perfectly with our Kessler Pocket Jib Traveller and Sachtler carbon fibre tripod.

We've been in the production business for almost 30 years. Along the way, we produced internationally aired documentaries, award winning community television, and episodic  TV series. 


Be Relentless
We want Cranky Goat Entertainment projects to stand out. To be memorable. To leave audiences wanting to see more. Our team is relentless about getting the right shot, the best edit, the ideal story - because that's important to us. We also want to ensure anyone we work with along the way enjoys the experience. 

We've produced regional & national television advertising, viral web material, and every kind of marketing and promotional video you can think of. Any size - any budget; we can put the ideal team in place to deliver your project.